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A Mine, By Any Other Name…

A request from Russ Vaughn

A Useful Death

All the Way!

Asshat of the day: Steve Benson


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Condoleezza eyes

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Donny Boy

Down Mexico Way

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Forsaken Honor, Forgotten Shame

Going to the Dogs

Guess Who Missed the Bus?

Hallowed Human Shields

Handmaidens of Terror?

Hi Soldier

Higher Education

How many Liberals does it take to win a war?

I Don't Know War
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Jihad Jane


Just One Old Ernie Pyle

Kerry’s Catch 22

Kerry's Other Salute

Liberal Experts

Liberals love America like O.J. loved Nicole.

Mad How Disease

Media Bias? No, By Us

More Laughable Left Wing Logic

Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Cross

My Salute

Naught’s Solved by War?

No Mourning for Mainstream

Of Trains, Planes and Liberal Refrains

Old dogs, new tricks

Old Sarge Gets a Care Package

Out-Dumbed, by George!

Out-Dumbing the Dems
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Poor Casey

Poor Lad

Pounding "Punk" into Pulp

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Rough Men

Russ Vaughn, John Werntz:
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So You Say You Support The Troops? 2d Ed.

Swift Justice

That’s The Way They Were Raised
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The Battered-Left Syndrome

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The Eagle and the Serpents

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The Night Before Christmas (Cambodian Version)

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Why Was It My Son Had to Die?

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Esoteric Diatribe has several of Russ's things
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Dianna Irey profile

Via email from Russ Vaughn:

Here is an excellent profile done by one of my blog friends on Dianna Irey, the woman who is challenging Murtha. Please share with your groups.


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Russ Vaughn: All the Way!

[Via email from Russ, who'll be a valued member of the OLD WAR DOGS team when we open the new site to the public.]

All the Way!
Paratroopers are taught to never give up; their motto is “All the Way, Airborne!”

The way I see Liberals, when all’s said and done,
Is like those who’d fall out of their last jump school run.
We all started those runs with the will to succeed,
But for some the pain just surpassed their need,
To stand in that door in the blast of the props,
To go all the way, pulling out all the stops,
Accepting the challenge that stood you up here,
Your feet in the door, your heart pounding with fear.

Some folks are quitters, who fall by the way,
While others run past them, determined to stay,
Enduring the aches, sucking glory through pain,
For the jump wings they seek and the glory they gain.
“All the way,” is their hymn, the cadence they sing,
As they blow past the burn, reaching for the brass ring;
But the quitters fall out; they can’t handle the pain,
Ensuring only the best and the hardest remain.

War is like jump school, the going gets rough,
And playing at tough is just not enough.
It’s the spirit within you that says you won’t quit,
Proves that you’re worthy, proves that you’re fit,
To fight on in combat when comrades are falling,
To fight for your life, for your cause, for your calling,
With never a thought you might possibly yield,
And never one thought of retreat from the field.

Those who toughed out those runs, stood in that door,
Don’t understand those who won’t fight anymore;
Can’t fathom their calls for retreat from Iraq,
Calls to pull out our troops, to bring them all back,
Thank goodness we’ve men who’ll stand in that door
And go all the way till the fight is no more.
Paratroopers are winners, who’ll stay ‘til it’s done,
But most Libs are quitters, who won’t finish the run. 

Russ Vaughn

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Russ Vaughn: Pounding "Punk" into Pulp

[Via email from Russ, who'll be a valued member of the OLD WAR DOGS team when we open the new site to the public.]

Pounding "Punk" into Pulp

I'm not one to casually call for boycotting nations or corporations who offend my sense of right, wrong or fair play. It's my opinion that if their leadership is going to be responsive at all, that a barrage of angry letters and emails will generally suffice to get their attention. Besides, the economic effects of scattershot boycotts may well be offset by increased support from other groups supportive of what the boycotters perceive to be their misdeeds.

But enough is enough. The New York Times publisher has flipped his exquisitely manicured digit in our national face one time too many. That metrosexual twerp obviously believes he is above the law and the refusal of the Bush administration to pursue legal remedies for repeated violations of our espionage laws could well lead this scofflaw to that belief. But there are laws from which Mr. "Punk" Sulzberger has no immunity: those economic laws that determine the success or failure of his newspaper. A quick look at the paper's stock performance graph here:
here shows that the stock price has been steadily declining for the past thirty months and has lost roughly half its value in that time.

In the face of that weakened stock performance, how financially prepared do you suppose the Times would be to face a massive boycott of a few of its biggest advertisers by a very large segment of an American public that is fed up with Sulzberger's total disdain for our laws, our safety and the lives of our troops? Not very is my guess. While I'd rather see "Punk" in the slammer, where metrosexual types are ever so popular, I'd settle for seeing him overthrown by angry shareholders. Yes, I'm aware that his family owns the lion's share of the Class A stock, but even his family doesn't want to see the value of those shares vaporized to complete worthlessness by their spoiled little darling's two-handed flipping of the bird to the American public. So why don't you big dog blogs out there form some sort of loose coalition to pound "Punk" into newspaper pulp with the biggest organized boycott this nation has ever seen? You have readers in the millions and they in turn are networked with millions more; and right now, they're all mad at "Punk." You have research capabilities that could fine-tune and focus such a boycott so as to make it excruciatingly painful and deadly effective to the targeted corporations. You don't need to boycott every advertiser; just pick a couple and make examples of them to demonstrate to the remainder what you are capable of doing, you know, sort of like shooting every tenth prisoner to get the undivided attention of the others.

Best of all, humbling the New York Times would show the "Drive by Media" that, once and for all, we're mad as hell and we're not gonna take it any more. It would also bring them face to face with the reality that the blogosphere is a reality with which they must forevermore contend. And think about this because I guarantee you the MSM ownership will: the same companies that are the big-ticket advertisers in the Times are also the deep pockets at other major publications as well as the major television networks. You bloggers won't have to shoot too many prisoners before the mainstream moguls get the message. To borrow a catchphrase from the maggot-infested, long-haired dope-smokin' opposition:

Power to the people! Heh, heh.

Russ Vaughn

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Old War Dog Russ Vaughn:
More Laughable Left Wing Logic

More Laughable Left Wing Logic

Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter, in offering the Dems advice on how to beat Cut and Run, makes it clear why he’d better stick to being a lefty shill in a Democrat party propaganda rag rather than try to be a serious advisor to even the most desperate Democrat candidate on campaign matters.

Attempting to bolster his case for why Democrats to don’t have to be ashamed of what he claims is the demon Rove imposed Cut and Run epithet, Alter employs some rather questionable examples to bolster his case. He states, ...

[Read on here.]

The "Old War Dogs" site I've been scrambling to get ready to take public is Russ's brainchild and he'll be posting there as his schedule permits.

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Young Bulls, Old Bulls

From an email Russ Vaughn sent me a little bit ago. It fits right in with our Old War Dogs plans. Russ is on the road on business right now with a balky laptop but he does plan to start posting his own things here, and on the new site when it's ready.

Hey, Bill, you ever hear about the old bull and the young bull standing on top of a hill looking down on a herd of plump heifers?

The young bull is stamping his hoofs and snorting while the old bull stands there complacently surveying the scene below.

Finally the impatient young bull can stand it no more and says to his senior, "Hey, Pops, what say we run down there and screw a couple of them heifers?"

The old bull continues to gaze down below and rumbles, "What say we walk down and screw all of 'em?"

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Old dogs, new tricks -- And a new blog is born?

In my email from Russ Vaughn when I got up today:

Bill, in reading the barbarian article about Admiral Parry's gloomy predictions, I was struck by the reference, "old dogs, new tricks."  [Click here to read the Admiral Parry article. I linked here.]

It occurred to me that I was reading this piece precisely because of that particular phenomenon. We are a group of former "Sheepdogs," who are now "old dog" veterans who have mastered the multitude of "new tricks" presented by the computer and the Internet, that enables us to stay connected and come out growling and snapping at the heels of villains like Murtha and Kerry.

In that light, perhaps we should consider adopting the appellation, "Old Dogs" for our loose confederation of veterans and use the designation "New Tricks" in some way when one of us happens to stumble upon something that we can chase down the street like this Murtha thing. Perhaps you could even designate a category of posts as such and maintain archives under the heading, "Old dogs, new tricks."

I realize of course there is some risk inherent: lefties could use the term "old dogs" disparagingly, intimating that we are nothing more than toothless old mutts. However we can dispel that image by turning right around and biting them in their fat asses and hanging on drooling with delight as they run off squealing like the candyasses most of them are into the anonymous sanctuary of the blogosphere. There's an old redneck saying, "Even an small dog can lift his leg on the tallest tree." Well, that holds true for old dogs as well; might be a good group motto.

I'll bet there's a lot of old hounds sitting out there behind keyboards right now who would be proud to get back into the hunt with such a group. Who knows, we might be able to draw out some truly learned people like John, with his sharp wit, and others like him, if they were part of such a group. There are probably a lot more like John out there who just need some encouragement to get out there and bite that damned, over-confident mailman.

Mind you now, nothing formal, no actual organization with all the crap that entails, like registration and passwords. Screw that; there are some new tricks us old dogs don't want to be bothered with. I'm thinking more just a loosely defined blog of brothers so to speak.

How about passing this around for input and comments?



I've been firing on about two cylinders all day -- due to the weather I hope -- and probably wouldn't have gotten much of anything done if it hadn't been for Russ's mail. As it turns out, I replied to his mail and copied a few other people I considered appropriate, that led to day-long flurry of emails, and it's looking like the end result is going to be a new group blog, sort of an "Old War Dogs" or "Old Sheepdogs" version of MilBlogs. During the start up phase the contributors will be limited to a small group of veterans Russ and I stay in touch with, but as time goes on we'll open things up to a reasonable number of additional people. I'll keep you posted.

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A Mine, By Any Other Name…
Russ Vaughn

I suppose by now that it is pitifully akin to the concept of flogging a dead horse to point out inconsistencies in Liberal Media’s thought processes. However, it occurs to me that the same liberal, mainstream media who gleefully report the latest American casualties from IED’s in Iraq, are the same hand wringing, liberal media that decry the use of land mines around the rest of the world.

How many heartbreaking articles have you read about the tragedy of innocent Third World citizens haplessly wandering into the remnants of a minefield long before laid by one side or the other in some minor conflagration of long-forgotten genesis? And have you never been importuned to contribute to the UN Mine Clearance Trust Fund?

Probably you have I’ll bet. And sure, you’ve seen the bleeding-heart articles. And yet, where’s the condemnation of the use of mines on the part of the Iraqi/al Qaeda insurgency? I haven’t heard a single word of outraged indignation from the American drive-by media, have you? Nope, mines placed by shadowy past antagonists around the world are the subject of extreme vilification in the liberal mainstream media, but IEDs, which are MINES, and which are the weapons of choice of the terrorist insurgency in Iraq, are reported on ever so matter of factly by our media.

Yep, without any bit of critical comment from those on the Left, many of whom consider these terrorists to be “freedom fighters.” The fact that these MINES are killing and maiming unsuspecting American troops is no cause for condemnation by those same journalists who are righteously outraged about the mayhem wreaked upon unsuspecting Third World inhabitants.

Media hypocrisy, anyone?  Naaahhh!

Has it occurred to anyone but me that the UN and the New York Times could cut their downward spiraling finances by sharing staff and office space? I mean, hey, there are just so many redundancies there…

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Asshat of the day: Steve Benson

Riding the Hadithagate wave

In my email from Russ Vaughn this morning:

If you react to this cartoon the same way I did, how about letting the jerks at the AZ Republic who published it know how you feel:


Michelle calls it the 'Troop Smear Of The Day'.

I'll have more on this later, including letters from Russ and Rurik, but I need to go ahead and get this much up before I go run an errand.


Grim: Of Course You Realize, This Means War

Curt reacts at Flopping Aces.


Russ sent me this mail a little later.

Bill, I just sent this to McCain. If you want to use it as an open letter and appeal to other readers to do likewise, fine by me.

Senator McCain,

If you hope to win the support of veterans in the coming presidential campaign then you need to support us when we are shown such disrespect as is depicted in Steve Benson's disgraceful Marine Corps cartoon of last week in your hometown newspaper.

I'm an old Army paratrooper but I stand solidly with the Marines on this Haditha business. I think you would be well advised to consider my position to be representative of the vast majority of veteran voters. And, like most of them, I do vote in every election.

What say you, Sir? Will you stand with us now and publicly denounce this mudslinging at the Corps?

Semper Fi!

Russ Vaughn

Thanks, Russ. Yes, I do hereby advise all of my readers, vets and otherwise, to send Sen. McCain a similar letter. Personally, I think John McCain has a lot of work to do before I could feel good about voting for him, but standing up for the Haditha Marines would definitely be an important step in the right direction.


Rurik emails that he wrote the Arizona Republic:

Concerning your USMC cartoon by Benson.
I am a US Army Vietnam Veteran, but I stand by my Marine brothers, and  despise your utterly loathesome cartoon. I cannot adequately reply without violating your point 5 "No vulgarity. No racial slurs. No otherwise mean-spiritedly insulting terms. No accusations of criminal behavior, even on the part of elected officials. Use common sense." Too bad your cartoonist did not follow your own proclaimed standards. Fire him.


Sioux Falls, SD


The Venom Of The Left, vol. #482

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Russ Vaughn: Hallowed Human Shields

Hallowed Human Shields

Libs think Hillary’s smart as a whip,
I think she’s just a fraud.
She couldn’t hold Ann Coulter’s slip;
Ann’s America’s sharpest broad.
She chews up liberal talking heads,
With wit so quick and cunning,
Rips Alan Colmes to bloody shreds,
And sends Matt Lauer running.

But now she’s really gone too far,
All the liberal lambs are bleating;
Is there nothing sacred she won’t tar?
My word, she’s widow-beating!
“Can you believe it?” reporters gasp,
“Those are victims that she’s dissing;
How dare that vicious rightwing asp
Threaten widows with her hissing?”

Our lovely Ann’s beyond the pale,
Got the Libs all hot and fuming;
Why, this attack is off the scale,
Sacred cows this blonde's exhuming.
And with every shovelful of dirt,
We see from her indiscretion,
How Libs exploit such human hurt,
Then dare our right to question.

No, we mustn’t challenge anything,
Regardless how dumb or windy,
From a brain-fried lefty dingaling,
Like grave top screeching Cindy;
Or Cleland, Murtha, and Kerry,
Because of war, beyond aspersion,
Or those Jersey Widows Merry,
No, we daren’t dispute their version.

But Ms. Ann, so lithe and lethal, went ahunting in Liberal fields,
And sank her fangs in the haunches of their hallowed human shields.

Russ Vaughn


Allah has a somewhat related note here.

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