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Post-VA link roundup

I tried, but after investing 5 hours of my Wednesday in a trip to the nearest "conveniently located" VA clinic and coming home worn out from the drive I'm going to have to settle for some link roundups again. Sorry about that.

Bush's speech and related matters:

The official transcript of the W's Speech at the Naval Academy is available here.

John Hinderaker: A Great Speech

Captains' Quarters: Read My Lips: No New Timetables

Jon Henke: Reaction to the Strategy

Military Strategy for Pinheads

Jeff Goldstein: The incoherent Democratic message

Dafydd ab Hugh: It's Official: House Democrats Are Cowards

Bruce Kessler: Democrats Are Willful Ignoramuses over Iraq

CIA Leaks:

Columnist Confirms CIA Plot Columnist Confirms CIA Plot

Senatorial Leaks:

Michelle Malkin: Harry Reid: Blabbermouth

Scott Johnson: A few questions for Senator Reid

The still mysterious OU Bomber case:

Michelle Malkin: The OU Bomber Papers: No Closure

Mark Tapscott: FBI Showed Joel Hinrichs' Father Photos of "Headless Body" but Eyewitness Said Only "Bottom Half of a Man" Left After OU Bomber Exploded

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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Post-VA link roundup:

» Warrent on Oklahoma bomber unsealed from Tel-Chai Nation
Michelle Malkin presents the info the FBI has released on Joel Henry Hinrichs III, who blew himself up near the university stadium in Norman, Oklahoma. [Read More]

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