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Sticky: Just Dumb Ol' George

1) Click the pictures to learn the stories behind them.

2) Compare and Contrast: George W. Bush, Jean Fraud Kerry.

Kerry would have been too busy consulting the French to bother with a lowly Sgt. and would have reminded young Miss Faulkner he'd been to Vietnam.

Hat tip: Louisiana Conservative for reminding me about the picture of the president with Sgt. McNaughton.

Check out Infidel Cowboy's related post.

Cross-posted from In Bill's World.

Update: Don't miss Ashley's Story.

10-01-2005 Update: Regular readers may notice I'm moved everything but the title of this post into the extended section. That doesn't mean I wouldn't still vote for Bush over Kerry if I had it to do over again, but it does reflect the fact that I'm getting less and less impressed with Bush as time goes on.

Posted by Bill Faith on December 31, 2005 at 08:00 PM in G W Bush | Permalink


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Bill, A great story. I sure haven't heard anything about President Bush's run with Sgt. McNaughton in the press, just an occasional reference to "visiting the wounded" at military hospitals. We're so fortunate to have a man who is genuinely interested in people and who cares about what's happening tp them as President. We're also so fortunate to have men like Sgt. McNaughton who are willing to risk life and limb on the battlefield in defense of freedom. That's what makes this country great, despite the problems we face as a free society that encourages excesses. You may not agree with George Bush's decisions in every instance, but the evidence keeps coming that he's the genuine article; he talks straight and backs it up with action. Plus, I think he's quite intelligent and foils and frustrates the press because he's got them figured out and refuses to play their silly games. We're in a war against people who are bent on destroying us. Too bad we have to fight the battle on the home front (and I don't mean just the terrorists, the anti-war left represents a significant challenge to the war effort as well) and also face opposition from former allies in Europe while dealing with terrorist enemies. The good news is President Bush seems quite aware of this. Cheers, Roger

Posted by: Roger Garrett | Jan 8, 2005 11:48:16 AM

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