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Dimocratic Sounds Of The Season

Presenting: The DNC's "Sounds of the Season"

In an effort to raise funds for their diminishing coffers, the folks at the DNC have introduced a "seasonal" recording featuring some of your favorite Jackasses and Moonbats singing some familiar (if somewhat altered) tunes, as well as one or two originals. ...

Here is what you get...

Sen. Harry Reid
"O Little Town of Searchlight"

Sen. Hillary Clinton
"I Caught Bill Kissing Mrs. Claus"


The Air America Boys & Girls' Club Choir
"It's the Most Plunderful Crime of the Year"

Cindy Sheehan
"O Come All Ye Moonbats"


Sen. John Kerry
"Christmas in Cambodia"

DNC Chairman Howard Dean
"Go, Yell It at the Caucus!"


Monica Lewinsky
"The Little Hummer Girl"


Former Vice-President Al Gore
"Baby, It's Cold Outside (And It's All Due to Global Warming!)"


French President Jacques Chirac
"Peugeots Roasting on an Open Fire"


Hurry and order now! Operators are standing by!

That's just a sample, folks. Click here to see the whole list, and don't forget to check the comments for reader contributions. I especially liked '"Here comes Rathergate" by Mary Mapes'. I contributed '"Rockin' Around The Surrender Tree" by Jack Murtha.'

Posted by Bill Faith on December 1, 2005 at 06:52 PM in Christmas | Permalink


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