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Schwarzenegger Won't Spare Tookie's Life

SAN FRANCISCO — Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to stop the execution Monday of Crips gang co-founder Stanley Tookie Williams, who was set to die by lethal injection early Tuesday.

The death penalty of Williams, 51, will go ahead as planned at 3:01 a.m. EST (12:01 PST) at San Quentin State Prison. Williams will be executed for murdering four people in two 1979 holdups.

[Read on.]

I'll have more later. I know California doesn't use the chair any more, but Tookie's still gonna burn for a long, long, time.


Still busy with another project but I couldn't resist checking some of my favorite sites for related posts.

Curt at Flopping Aces has an excellent post here, including links to several other related post on his site and elsewhere.

Dafydd has a great post here that explains what's wrong with the recent arguments for letting the scum keep wasting perfectly good oxygen any longer.

Debbie Schlussel has two excellent Tookie posts here and here.

Others blogging on the subject: Michelle Malkin, Pajamas Media


I wish I could remember whom I'm quoting when I say "Every life has value. In some cases the value is just negative."

PJM has a better wire story on Gov. Schwarzenegger's decision here.

If you don't read anything else on the subject, don't miss Baldilocks's "To A Young One Who Is An Apologist For A Terrorist" post. While you're in the neighborhood, don't miss her follow-up post here. Hat tip: La Shawn Barber.

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Still finding more posts I should have linked to earlier, and some new ones:



Ed Morrissey: The Last Hours Of Tookie

John Cole: No Clemency for Tookie

Emperor Darth Misha: Enjoy the Needle, Tookie!

Will Collier: Hasta La Vista, Tookie

James Joyner: Schwarzenegger Denies Clemency for Tookie Williams


It's over. See my follow-up post here.

Posted by Bill Faith on December 12, 2005 at 05:22 PM | Permalink


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On the way into the station we drove through a few of the projects in the South Central area and no signs of unrest yet.but who knows. Idiots will take any reason to destroy their communities property and to loot: ... [Read More]

Tracked on Dec 12, 2005 6:20:51 PM

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YOURE A FUCKING IDIOT! I can't imagine why you'd want to broadcast the endless myriad of ways in which you are a FUCKING IDIOT. you've most certainly killed people. a hell of a lot more than 4. it's very probable that Tookie killed 0. But don't worry, I'M SURE THAT ONE DAY WE'LL BRING BACK THE ELECTRIC CHAIR and use it to fry people like you.

Posted by: You Idiot | Dec 13, 2005 2:50:10 AM

you too old for Iraq? Pity.

Posted by: dave | Dec 13, 2005 3:33:57 PM

Yes, dave, it is. I volunteered for Viet Nam and I'd volunteer for Iraq if they let me. What's your excuse? Oh, I guess if you don't even have balls enough to leave a real email address I already know.

Posted by: Bill Faith | Dec 13, 2005 3:57:34 PM

Did Tookie make a dookie in his pants when they gave him the needle? Does anyone know how many 'childrens books' he sold? 322! Really working hard to save the world. Every nigger supporter of Tookie ought to get the needle as well. At they very least, they should spend some time in prison for advocating, aiding and abetting a murderer. Tookie made a dookie in his pants when they gave him what he deserved.

Posted by: Tookie Made a Dookie | Dec 17, 2005 11:31:28 AM

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