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Able Danger -- There's a lot they still aren't telling us

Will the whole truth ever come out about Able Danger, the data mining project that might very well have prevented 9/11 if it hadn't been shut down for political reasons? There's an lot of CYA going on by people who don't want it known how badly they screwed up, and a lot of foot-dragging by other people who are simply determined to keep you from realizing that the screw-ups happened under a Democratic administration. It might have been a damned site easier to "connect the dots" if they hadn't been erased for political reasons to begin with.

Army project illustrates promise, shortcomings of data mining
By Shane Harris, National Journal

In the spring of 2000, a year and a half before the 9/11 attacks, Erik Kleinsmith made a decision that history may judge as a colossal mistake.

Then a 35-year-old Army major assigned to a little-known intelligence organization at Fort Belvoir in Virginia, Kleinsmith had compiled an enormous cache of information -- most of it electronically stored -- about the Al Qaeda terrorist network. It described the group's presence in countries around the world, including the United States.

It was of great interest to military planners eager to strike the terrorists' weak spots. And it may have contained the names of some of the 9/11 hijackers, including the ringleader, Mohamed Atta.

The intelligence data totaled 2.5 terabytes, equal to about 12 percent of all printed pages held by the Library of Congress. Neither the FBI nor the CIA had ever seen the information. And that spring, Kleinsmith destroyed every bit of it.

[Read on. (For those of you too lazy to do that: Erik Kleinsmith is one of the good guys.) ]

Rather than do a bunch of excerpting and paraphrasing without adding anything to the story, at this point I'm just going to recommend reading these post in the order I have them listed:

Ed Morrissey: Shelton: Able Danger My Idea

A J  Strata: Able Danger, Gen Shelton Speaks Up

A J  Strata: Able Danger, China, Cohen, AQ Data Purge = 9-11

Ed Morrissey: The 20-Foot Rings Of Able Danger

In the process of reading those posts I also learned about a great team blog I'll definitely be keeping an eye on in the future, the Able Danger Blog

Posted by Bill Faith on December 8, 2005 at 01:55 AM | Permalink


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