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Project Valor IT -- make it happen (Re-post)

I originally posted this on August 19th. I'm posting it again in honor of the Valour-IT Blogging Fundraiser Competition that started today, and which I'll tell you more about it my next post. If it puts you in the mood to donate please wait till I get that post up so you can see that your donation gets credited to the right fundraising team.


Is there anyone who claims to be a serious blogophile who isn't familiar with CPT Chuck Ziegenfuss's story? (If there is, shame on you!) Chuck used to blog up a storm at From My Position... On the way! and was always worth a daily visit, sometimes just for a taste of his weird sense of humor but often also because of his close up and personal insight on the situation in Iraq. Then he tangled with that IED and couldn't say much for a while. He still can't type worth a damn, but he's blogging up a storm again. From his latest post:

Project Valor IT -- make it happen

Okay, I admit it I've been on my ass about telling y'all about this. It's basically a project that came about from me recognizing the need that I had in the hospital: a way to communicate with my friends and family around the world and my complete inability to do that with the equipment at hand, namely a phone. So I asked these folks for laptop. And I asked y'all for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Needless to say, everyone responded in a wonderful manner. Before I could swallow a handful of pills I had a laptop on my desk and I was installing the software.

Then I wondered "why can't we do this for everybody?" After all, this country put a man on the moon (of course that was what... 40 years ago?) Well, it turns out that we can do it, and for relatively low cost. We've got a company that's willing to give us the computers at or near cost, and Dragon has given Soldiers Angels a hell of a deal on the software.

So please, please go here and donate. Don't do it for me though, do it for our wounded Soldiers, Sailors and Marines and Airmen; and do it for Dad.

OK, folks, I just committed a serious breach of netiquette.  I just copied an entire post from a wounded Soldier's blog. Maybe since it's for a worthy cause, and it was a short post anyway, if you'll all promise to go by his blog today and every day so I didn't really cost him any traffic he'll forgive me. The point here is that he didn't type that post, he spoke that post into a microphone coupled to some software that typed it for him. Chuck isn't the only wounded warrior who could benefit from technology like that -- Freedom isn't free and the need is great. Please, please, follow the links in Chuck's post to learn more about Soldiers' Angels and Project Valour  IT, then give till it hurts, then give some more.


See all of my Valour-IT posts in one place here.

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My name is Chantha, I am a senior at Horeshoe Bend Hight in Horeshoe Bend Idaho. I am doing a project on the military and was wondering if there is any way I can get more information from anyone on any branch of service from any time no matter how old or new, their songs, pictures, stories, stuff like that. With the information that is sent I need the branch of service, unit, rank, and time of service for everything that is sent. All information will be put into a book and hopefully I can get it published. If published the money from it will be given to the V.F.W. Thank you for your time and I look forward on hearing from anyone who is willing to help. Just e-mail the information to [email protected] and mark it senior project

Posted by: chantha` | Jan 19, 2007 10:14:17 AM

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