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Le Intifada -- 17 days and growing

Riot erupts in French city centre

Police in the French city of Lyon have fired tear gas to break up groups of youths who hurled stones and bins hours before a curfew was due to begin.

Police on the city's famous Place Bellecour square made two arrests in what state news agency AFP says is the first rioting in a major city centre.

From Iowahawk (Hat tip: Rand Simberg):

(Image by Mike Wallster)



When Mahmooooud is in the Notre Dame
And prayer rugs line Versailles
Then this will please the Prophet
We'll get hot chicks in Paradise!

This is the dawning of the Age of Eurabia!
Age of Eurabiaaaaa!
Eu-ra-bi-AH! Eu-RA-bi-ah!

Harmony and peace abounding
all the Jews we will be hounding
No more blaspheme or derision
Imams making all decisions
Mystic Qu’ran revelations
No more homo celebrations
Eu-ra-bi-AH! Eu-RA-bi-ah!

Joseph Farah says it's time for a Paristinian state and backs it up with some sound reasoning. (Hat tip: Russ Vaughn) What's fit for the Jews is fit for the French, right?

Captain Ed has an excellent series of posts on the matter here, here, here and here.

It's really hard to decide whose side to take in this situation. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," right? Except when he's a Muslim thug or an arrogant Frog. Guess I'll just sit back and watch the fun a little longer. Maybe now that the Germans have installed a more reasonable government we can just let them handle it; they know the way to Paris.


Jack Kelly: Liberal illusions in flames (Hat tip: Power Line)

Captain Ed has a nice long update to his ongoing series here.

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