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American Scum -- the 2004 remake (Re-post/Update)

I originally wrote the post below last December. Finally, one of the major papers has seen the light about Jimmy Massey. Michelle Malkin has more.

Possibly more important than the Massey expose' itself is reporter Ron Harris's question: Why did the press swallow Massey's stories? He works hard at answering the question himself, but overlooks the real reason: Massey's stories fit right in with the standard MSM "Bush bad!. America bad!" template, so obviously they had to be true, right?


A hat tip to Media Lies for pointing out related Bruce Kesler and Jason Van Steenwyk posts I hadn't seen, and thanks Bruce for mentioning this Gateway Pundit post.


Greyhawk has more here. Sounds like among other things Massey's been lying under oath. As Greyhawk says, "Are there laws covering that?"


Also covering the story: Austin Bay, Andi's World.


Jack Kelly: ... "I've frequently been critical of journalists. I am pleased to pay tribute to Harris today for a job well done."

*** 11-7-2005

Michelle Malkin has a great follow-up post here.


Gateway Pundit has turned up close ties between Massey, Iraqi Veterans Against the War (IVAW), and the old Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW). (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin). That leads to the next natural question: How many of IVAW's members are phony vets like a big portion of the VVAW people were?

There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that the Marines awarded Jimmy Massey a "Bleeding Heart" medal for coming unglued when faced with the fact that Marines really do hurt people and break things.

Michelle Malkin has the scoop on American Scum Jeremy Hinzman, who thought being in the Army was an absolutely  wonderful idea until he found out he might be actually be expected to *gasp!* fight, and Jimmy Massey, who she fittingly refers to as "John Kerry Jr."  This isn't the '60s, friends, these men were not drafted. Each of them walked into a recruiting station voluntarily. When it came Hinzman's turn to go to Iraq he ran off to Canada. Massey actually spent some time in Iraq, then decided being a Marine and doing what Marines do wasn't fun any more and came home to be the sweetheart of the American Left, complete with a new fantasy every morning about the terrible things American Warriors are doing to poor sweet innocent Iraqis -- Next thing you know he'll be running for Congress, then the Senate. Read all about it here.


Greyhawk has a good discussion of the situation here, linking to the Michelle Malkin article, his own previous post on Hinzman here, and this Washington Post article. has more here. What it all comes down to is that Hinzman is trying to use Massey's stories as justification for refusing to go to Iraq. The problem with that is that Sir George fisked Massey's story so efficiently back in June that it's a wonder anyone is still listening to him.  (Ok, so I take that back. 48% of the country is still ready to believe anything that casts a bad light on President Bush or the American military.) Sir George's concluding paragraph:

But the more interesting aspect of this story is that the man says he's got Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is expressing his "suppressed memories". So let's just call him crazy for now. Yet many left wing nutjobs are ignoring all the holes in his story and the fact that the press doesn't want to touch his accounts with a stick, especially since they would've been reporting these incidents and it would be odd if the same platoon keeps showing up everywhere there's a massacre. Yet the left wing nuts remain undeterred. The story must be true because it confirms their worldview. Yet the confirmation of their worldview is coming from a man who essentially says he's crazy, so what should that tell them? Well of course they can reach only one conclusion. The evilBushHaliburton controlled press is suppressing the story! Help! Help!

In Massey's case, I can at least try to be kind. The man has major psychiatric problems and may actually believe the lies he's been telling for several months now. And I suppose there's no reason to expect the same crowd who consider Jean Fraud Kerry and Michael Moore fine upstanding examples of American Manhood to see through Massey's lies. That still doesn't get Hinzman off the hook. He voluntarily walked into an Army recruiter's office and signed a binding contract, and then when he realized that Soldiers are actually expected to fight when the nation needs them to he showed his true yellow-bellied colors and ran. Part of me hopes he wins his fight for asylum in Canada -- They can have the slimy son of a bitch.  Another part of me would like nothing more than to see him brought to trial under the UCMJ and locked in a deep dark hole for the rest of his life as an example to others who might be tempted to imitate him.  That parts winning right now.

Posted by Bill Faith on November 6, 2005 at 05:49 PM | Permalink


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