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Some thoughts on the Harriet Miers kerfuffle

So far I've been sitting back watching without saying anything about the Harriet Miers nomination, but I guess it's time to put my thoughts on the record.

Were there more obviously qualified candidates available? Yes, there were. Does that mean Miers shouldn't be confirmed? No, it does not. Nominating her wasn't the smartest move W has ever made, but she is the nominee. Just for the record, W could have really upset the Conservative base by nominating Alberto Gonzales, in which case, as I've said before (in the comments on another blog apparently; I can't locate it now) I would have been thrilled to see the true Republican Republicans in the Senate join the BDS-afflicted Democrats to reject the nomination; I'm not quite so strong a Party Man as Hugh Hewitt. On the other hand, Hugh does make at good argument in the post I just linked that it's time for a lot of people on the right to just admit she's good enough and shut up before they weaken the Republican Party and the Conservative movement any more than they already have. I highly recommend going to Hugh's site and reading everything he's written on this subject, followed by going to Texas lawyer Beldar's site and reading everything he's written about it. If you still need convincing, go to Power Line and scroll through some of the recent posts there, then read this post at Captain's Quarters, then go to Captain Ed's main page and scroll through some of his earlier comments. Harriet Miers may not turn out to be a perfect SCOTUS justice, but I'll wager she'll be a considerably more reliable friend of Conservatives, and of the U.S. Constitution, than Sandra Day O'Connor has been. If she's smart enough, as I'm sure she is,  to listen to Chief Justice Roberts when Constitutional issues come up in areas she isn't familiar with, that's all we really need her to do.

On a related note: I'm well past tired of hearing a bunch of Yankee elitists putting down Justice-Designate Miers for not having an Ivy League education. Hey, guess what y'all -- There are perfectly good universities all over the country, including in Texas, including in Dallas. Harriet Miers doesn't owe anyone any more of an apology for graduating from SMU than I do for having Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Texas system. (Shoot, I've even known some Aggies with sense enough to come in out of the rain!) Enough with that "second rate school" crap, OK?.

Update: Don't miss DJ Drummond's excellent essay on the subject here.

2005-10-07 Update 1:

Don't miss Mudville's latest Open Post.

2005-10-07 Update 2:

10 Reasons I Like Harriet Miers (Hat tip: Comissar)

Don't miss these two posts at Protein Wisdom. Jeff and I don't seem to see this one the same way, but as always his arguments are well reasoned and well presented.

I guess as time goes on I'm realizing that one of the things I like most about this nomination is that Harriet Miers was not born with a silver foot in her mouth like so many of the New England elitists, Left and Right, that don't like her. So she didn't go to Yale or Harvard; so what? Neither did a lot of other very intelligent people. She's had to earn everything she's ever had, in spite of which fact she rose to the top of a major Dallas law firm, she left the Democratic party when it moved just a little too far to the left, and she was a major player on the team that selected John Roberts for Chief Justice. She's smart, she's tough, and she's lived in the real world her whole life. That's all I need to know about her.

2005-10-08 Update 1:

Don't miss Beldar's more recent posts on this matter, especially this one, and any time you visit Beldar's site don't deprive yourself of the knowledge and insights available in his Comments section.

2005-10-08 Update 2:

Will You Please Point The Gun AWAY From The Elephant?

2005-10-08 Update 3:

Juliette Ochieng has an interesting analysis here.

[Continued at More thoughts on the Harriet Miers kerfuffle]

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