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A CALIFORNIA JUDGE has ruled that San Diego's Proposition A, a voter initiative to preserve the Mt. Soledad War Memorial by transferring the property to the National Parks Service, is unconstitutional. The proposition, which was approved in July by over 75 percent of San Diego voters, has now been invalidated by the opinion of one judge.

The issue under dispute is the presence of a large Latin cross in the center of the 50-year-old memorial. The judge says that any attempt by the City of San Diego to preserve that cross represents "an unconstitutional preference of religion" and is therefore prohibited.

[Read the rest of Smash's post here. Hat tip: Stop The ACLU]

More information at California Conservative, Love America First, JunkYardBlog, Stop The ACLU

Just one more example of why we need judges who rule based on what the law and The Constitution really say, not what they think they should say. In this case, a dingmoonbat (mustn't be sexist, Bill) judge apparently found some excuse in the California constitution to override the wishes of  a clear majority of the people; there may or may not be recourse in the federal court system. How about Constitutional guarantees of Equal Protection? 75% of the voters in San Diego have just been disenfranchised. Doesn't the Federal government have an obligation to keep that from happening?

Posted by Bill Faith on October 8, 2005 at 12:23 AM | Permalink


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Apparently not. Could you please tell me again why I should vote?

I feel like I am living in Iran or China. I am crushed.

I was with these people all the way. I couldn't vote in San Diego, but I could send money to make sure others could! (Petitions).

I went to sleep as soon as I read this. This cross doesn't affect just San Diego, my God, it is a War Memorial! What's next? Damn them to hell.

Posted by: Rosemary | Oct 8, 2005 6:08:12 AM

This is the EXACT reason I don't bother to vote! I mean, why should I waste my time and gas (especially at today's prices) to go and vote, when laws are voted in by MAJORITY RULE, and then some freakin 'politically correct' idiot who's offended by it, takes it to the supreme court and it's then found 'unconstitutional' and taken off the books!! WTF is that?? And a WAR MEMORIAL!! OMG!! How disrespectful is that!! I am SO sick and damn tired of all these freakin politically correct a$$holes!!! Especially the 'anti-war' ones! I've got a wonderful idea of what to do with all of them ... ship them off to have a little one on one with good ole Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and lets see how far they get in 'negotiating peace' .. HA HA HA .. they'll all be shot before they can blink! Well, if they aren't tortured first! (I can wish can't I?? LOL) DUMB ASSES! My 6th Great Grandfather, William Bennett, immigrated to this country in 1760 from France (France ...yea, I know! LOL Maybe that's why he left! LOL) ... he enlisted and fought in The Revolutionary War ... he Was a regimental color bearer at Battle of Bunker Hill & one of George Washington's PERSONAL body guards at Yorktown and was seriously wounded. I am SO proud of this fact! For my family to be in this country for SO long, for my famliy member to I am a 41 year old woman and a DAMN PROUD AMERICAN!! And I thank GOD, EVERY SINGLE DAY, that my 6th Great Grandfather came here and did what he did so that I have the freedoms and rights that I (we ALL in the U.S.) have today!! NO, we are not a 'perfect' country by any means, but we ARE the best one on this place we call earth! Now for those who don't like it here, in the Good Ole U S of A ... I suggest they pack up, hop on a plane, ship, boat, or by God swim if they have to and GO SOMEWHERE ELSE and see how they like it there! And by the way .. don't bother coming back when you realize what you had once it's gone!!! As my daddy always used to say to me ... YOU made your bed, now YOU gotta lay in it! To the anti-war idiots out there, war has been around since the BEGINNING of time, and it will be here til the END of time ... THAT IS A FACT ... DEAL WITH IT! NO war isn't nice ... but it IS necessary sometimes! Again ... DEAL WITH IT! Believe it or not, this world is NOT all about 'YOU' ... Ok ... I think I'm done with the rant! It felt good! LOL Bill, I'm behind ya all the way dude!

Posted by: Melissa | Oct 8, 2005 3:16:41 PM

You know, even a "damn liberal" like me thinks this is an outrage. I don't personally mind them preserving a cross, and I think they SHOULD since it is part of a war memorial, so long as they wouldn't have a problem preserving a buddha either. :) That's equal protection, folks. It doesn't mean that no religious symbols can exist, just that they all should be treated with the same respect.

Posted by: Heather Brinkley | Oct 8, 2005 8:12:42 PM

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