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If an Oklahoma Jihadi dies in the forest ...

... and the MSM refuses to talk about it, does that mean it didn't really happen?

(If you haven't read my earlier post on this, now's a good time.)

Bill Hobbs asked the important question of the week here yesterday, "Why is the MSM Ignoring Oklahoma Muslim Suicide Bomber?," and followed up with a good case for wording the question that way. So far I've yet to see anyone come up with a good answer.

While the MSM's busy ignoring the situation, the blogosphere continues to track the story. Just a few of many places to find good coverage: Flopping Aces, Poliburo Diktat, Michelle Malkin, Alarming News, The Digital Brownshirt, TigerHawk, Power Line, The Jawa Report, Tapscott's Copy Desk. Technorati also has long and steadily growing lists of links here and here

As far as I'm concerned, the evidence is overwhelming that this was a botched terrorist attack, not just a "suicide." I think it's also perfectly clear that the idiot involved tried to do what he tried to to please "Allah." While the evidence isn't solid enough to be sure yet, I'm just about ready to place my bet that our young jihadi wasn't acting alone, either. (I'm sure his Moslem roommates didn't have any idea he was mixing TATP in the kitchen, right? And if his friends at the mosque had any idea what was up they'd have surely turned him in, wouldn't they have?) So why isn't the MSM talking about it? Political Correctness, pure and simple. Who could possibly suggest openly that "the Religion of Peace" could possibly motivate anyone to do that sort of thing? Only a few wingnut bloggers, I guess.

Update: Linking to Mudville's latest Open Post and James Joyner's latest Beltway Traffic Jam.

2005.10.07: Don't miss Stop The ACLU's Weekend Trackback Party

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