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Progress on the Left Coast?

First, a quick good-news note from Kiev:

Yanukovych government dissolved

Outgoing President Leonid Kuchma has formally accepted the resignation of Viktor Yanukovych as prime minister of Ukraine, the presidential press service said.

[More here.]

At least some people know how to admit the party's over and it's time to go home. Meanwhile on the Left Coast  of the U.S. the Democrats remain confident they've  succeeded in stealing the Washington gubernatorial election, but it's looking less and less like they're going to get away with it.

(Click here and here for some background.)

From yesterday's Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Rossi given fresh hope as 'mystery voters' grow
GOP calls on counties to explain a discrepancy of nearly 8,500

Thousands of "mystery voters" in the counties of King, Pierce, Snohomish, Clark and Kitsap appear to be Republican Dino Rossi's best prospect for challenging the legitimacy of the closest and most contentious gubernatorial election in the state's history.

The state Republican Party yesterday called on county election officials to explain what the GOP says is a nearly 8,500-vote discrepancy between county vote tallies and the number of people credited with actually voting in the election.

[Click here for more.]

Click here and here for a couple of other things I'd have posted last night if I hadn't worn out so early.

From today's Seattle Times:

Election scrutiny reveals provisional-vote flaws

An unknown number of provisional voters, some of whom may not even have been registered to vote, improperly put their ballots directly into vote-counting machines at polling places, King County's elections superintendent said yesterday.

Once those ballots went into the machines, there was no way to separate them from legitimate ballots.

[Click here for more.]

From today's Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

GOP may object to ratification of governor vote
Legislative tradition poised to fall

OLYMPIA -- It's usually no more than a formality.

State House and Senate leaders who gather here next week will announce that, hearing no objection, the Legislature hereby ratifies the 2004 election.

But with the prospect that Republicans may contest the race that Gov.-elect Christine Gregoire won by 129 votes over Dino Rossi in a controversial hand recount, that tradition might become the first casualty of the Legislative session .

[Click here  for more.]

From Sound Politics this morning:

Deceased Voter Found

It saddens me to report that a ballot was cast in the name of a deceased person.

Anne M. Witte passed away in February 2004. Her obituary reports that Mrs. Witte lived in Sammamish with her husband Vernon E Witte, who survives her.

The King County voter database shows that Vernon E Witte and Anne M Witte of 248th Ave SE are the only people with that last name registered in Sammamish and that they both voted absentee in November.

[Click here for more.]

From Sound Politics this afternoon:

Gregoire - Governor Elect of the Convicts of Washington

52 Felons (and still counting) voted illegally in Pierce County.

The Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) is proving that the governor's election was rife with illegal votes by felons, dead people, and double voting. BIAW is the state's largest association representing homebuilders, remodelers, and contractors.

[Click here and here for more.]

Click here, here, and here, for more, then click here to see what's new since the last time I looked.

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