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Ukraine County No More

(Click here and work back for some background.)

Stefan Sharkansky sums it up nicely:

Ukraine County No More

You may have noticed that I've stopped calling King County "Ukraine County".

The people of Ukraine have taken their democracy back. It would be an insult to the proud and heroic Ukrainians to equate them with King County.

Our friends to the east fought a tough fight and won:

From Fox: Ukrainian PM Resigns, Vows to Keep Up Election Fight

From CNN: Yanukovych resigns as Ukraine PM

From MSNBC: Ukrainian P.M. Viktor Yanukovych resigns

Meanwhile, on the Left coast of the U.S.:

Wash. gov. elect looks ahead to inauguration
But her Republican rival wants a new election

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Democratic Gov.-elect Christine Gregoire’s Republican rival still wants to overturn the election, ...

[More here.]


Doubts linger as Gregoire win certified

OLYMPIA — Democratic Attorney General Christine Gregoire was officially named governor-elect yesterday, quickly declared victory and said "an election night without end has concluded." But the election she won could still be fought in court, and the state's chief election official said he can't be sure Gregoire will still hold the title when inauguration day comes.

[More here.]

Hell, yes, "Doubts linger." Are the Democrats going to get away with stealing the election or does Republican Dino Rossi have the balls and the backing to take the matter to federal court where it belongs? Michelle Malkin and Captains Quarters are both linking to specific posts on  Sound Politics to stay on top of the story, but that site is being updated so often I'm not even going to attempt to pick out just one or two posts. Go there often.

Posted by Bill Faith on December 31, 2004 at 02:39 PM | Permalink


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Now that this sham of an election has been "certified," everyone is supposed to just sit back and take it. Let's recap: The Republican Candidate won in the first vote. The Republican Candidate won the recounted vote, albeit by a margin of 42 votes. ... [Read More]

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This is making me so mad I almost can't see straight. Break out the orange. Everyone needs to break out the orange!

Posted by: The Anchoress | Jan 1, 2005 10:11:15 AM

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