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Carol Gell Crowley's Sept 12 Kerry Lied Speech

The election's over, Jean Fraud Kerry lost, President Bush won. So why don't I just forget about Kerry and move on? Because he lied, about me and about a lot of other good men, living and dead. He still hasn't taken back the lies. He still hasn't apologized. He still owes us. We still owe him. He may be ready to just forget it, but we aren't. If and when Jean Kerry admits he lied, apologizes, and drops out of public life, then, maybe, we'll leave him alone. Maybe.

Carol Crowley is the daughter of SGT Jack Gell, a brave handsome man who died fighting for a cause he believed in. You've met him before, here and here. You've met her before, here. I'm pleased and honored to be able to say that Carol recently sent me a wealth of information about her father, and about her ongoing campaign to clear his name of the slanderous charges John Kerry made against him and the other American Warriors who served their country in Viet Nam. I wish I'd had a copy of her September 12 speech to post then, but I didn't, and it's still relevant, so here it is now.

Sept 12, Vietnam Veterans for the Truth...Washington DC "KerryLied" Rally - Senate State Park, Capitol Hill

Speaker: Carol Crowley

Carolgellcrowley_2Thank you. It is my honor to be here today, sharing my story with each of you. Many believe that dirty politics is the motivation of Vietnam Veterans speaking out.  Let me tell you the real motivation....

Not far from here is The Vietnam Veterans Memorial known as The Wall. There are 58,245 names of Vietnam Veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our great Nation. On panel 3E, line 49, is engraved the name Jack Earl Gell. He died in a creek bed in the Battle of Ia Drang, Nov 14, 1965. His dying words "Tell my wife I love her....." ring in my families ears to this very day. His body was the first to arrive home to Fort Benning, on Thanksgiving Day, and his wife was the first to receive the infamous Telegram, left alone with three small children. I am Carol Gell Crowley, his youngest daughter, and I stand here today to proudly defend his honor, and the honor of all Vietnam Vets whose names are on that wall, and those who made it home. 

When the book, "We Were Soldiers Once and young" came out, I met men who were able to tell their story. When it was released as a movie, I witnessed the healing of men and family members who clung to this story with a new pride after decades of pain. Finally, they talked about it....Finally, they were proud to be a Vietnam Veteran.

And then, John Kerry was nominated as a presidential candidate. A man who has attempted to smear the records of our honored dead and noble living heroes. This man now threatens their long overdue restoration of honor. I too, am experiencing a wave of emotions as I witness the abuse of the very freedoms my father died for. I ache for the Vietnam Veterans who feel like they must again defend themselves from distorted, exaggerated lies being told by this man who is undeserving to lead this great Nation. Senator Kerry has shamelessly and viciously smeared and hurt a generation of fine American Veterans who served in Vietnam. 

At a time our Military is fighting a determined enemy that hate's America's freedoms, we should pull together and support and pray for them.  We need a leadership that is secure and without reproach.... leadership willing to support America's freedom and preserve our rights. We need decision makers leading our country who are wise and compassionate and willing to make decisions which are hard but which insure the future of our country. We need a commander in chief that acknowledges that we should honor our dead, those who served, and those who will die.....and learn from those sacrifices.

So you see, THIS isn't about politics, as the media contends. I challenge the media to show this event in its entirety...I doubt they will because they cater to Kerry, but let the Nation see OUR pain, and hear what we have to say. You see,  THIS, is about honor and betrayal, and protecting our country. THIS is about defending our Veterans and our fallen hero's integrity who find themselves being attacked and belittled once again by a man who gave aid and comfort to the enemy while our soldiers were still dying. These assaults are deeply personal to the Vets and their families. HEALING is being undone and scars reopened. THIS is about the blood my own father spilled while serving his county. THIS is about not letting that all be in vain and standing up to say, "NO...That is NOT the way it was." And as for many Vietnam Veterans children, we deeply resent the suggestion that our fathers were war criminals as that theme inevitably seeps into the argument.

I know the public is frustrated by the noise of conflicting stories, and many wonder how to restore tranquility to the memories of that war.  Puzzled reporters seek to settle the matter by investigating. If harmony is the goal, they are looking in the wrong place. The answer to how long this conflict will last lies in beating hearts like mine who love this country and will never rest while John Kerry is poised to occupy the White House. He started this year's back, with his distasteful mockery of our honored war heroes and with his contempt towards our Vets and our Military. He can only blame himself for this fight. These men and women were good enough to fight for America so now they are here to fight back and make the truth known. We must honor our dead, those who served, and those who will die, and learn from those sacrifices.

It is truly sad that GOD, duty, respect, and honor, no longer seem to be priorities. People have allowed themselves to be easily swayed and impressed by the wrong things. They hear a man promising so much, while dismissing what he is really all about. If our children are going to have a future, then we must change that behavior, not reward it. We must understand that character DOES count. While dismissed as dirty politics, the fact is that we would be defending ourselves even if John Kerry were Republican. The truth is, we don't care what party John Kerry is affiliated with, but we do care that he never apologized for lying and hurting the Vietnam Vets.

39 years later, my wonderful mother, Rebecca, who is here with me today with my 2nd father John, still cries on Nov 14. 39 years later, we think of my father every day. 39 years later, John Kerry openly MOCKS REAL heroes, while stealing that title as his own. Real Heroes speak with their actions, not their mouths. As children of Vietnam Vets, many of us are experiencing an unwelcome emotional trauma because of this ordeal. We are educated. We are grown. We are the citizens of this country and we have first hand experienced what war can do and have scars will never go away. But we are not weak, and we will not take this lying down. 39 years later,  I am honored to stand here today beside these Veterans and their families. I promise you that the voice of my father and those names on that Wall will be heard through me in righting this wrong.

In closing, I wanted to share a poem I wrote and shared at a 1st  Cavalry reunion. Two men very dear to me, Ret. Lt. Gen. Hal Moore and Joe Galloway, authors of "We Were Soldiers Once...and Young", allowed me to share this with them. They had the courage and faith to tell their story with honor, and tell the truth. That experience opened a newfound strength for me.  Along with integrity and faith my parents instilled in me, the men of Ia Drang showed me passion and pride and love.  Thank you for allowing me here today to share it with each of you and in memory of my father. 

And I also want to wear this hat, given to me by Patrick Moffat in North Carolina. He never met me, but heard why I was here, and made sure he got this to me to express his and others' concerns that could not be here today. He agrees....Kerry lied.

My poem is called, "Whole Hearted Thanks"

"Whole Hearted Thanks"
By: Carol Gell Crowley @ 1993

There's a hole in my heart, That can never be filled.
The wound appeared When my father was killed.

A father of three, And loved by all,
Courageously fighting, And standing tall.

The first to arrive To Fort Benning he came.
In a small wooden casket, Jack Gell was his name.

The news was dropped onto A wife in despair.
What would she do now? Without him there?

The letters he wrote her, Explained his emotion.
It was all about freedom, And willing devotion.

His buddies were crying, As so many were,
My dad's last words.. "Tell my wife I love her..."

Each holiday passes, And I shall never see..
The father I miss, That was taken from me.

Take time to thank God, For this freedom and love.
Remember those Veterans, On ground, and above.

Thank you for being, The wonderful ones...
The Fathers, the daughters, The mothers and sons...

The whole combination.. The sisters and brothers,
The Veterans who served...All races and colors.

To know why you served, Helps fill the void in my heart.
To say "Thanks To You" Is merely a start.

Thank you......God Bless each of you...and God Bless America!

Jack_gell_face_3 Gellfamily65_3 Jackgell1stcav_2

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No comments? I read the book when it came out; watched the movie twice in theatres (standing ovation in San Diego; silence in Orange County, CA); and watch it every time it runs on TV. Its story never fails to make me proud to be an American; the first time I saw the movie, I was almost overcome with the urge to walk down to the screen and step up and grab an M-16 during the scene when they're being stacked on the ground.

Posted by: Jim Nichols | Nov 8, 2004 4:33:34 PM

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