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A note from SGT Gell's widow on his birthday

An excerpt from an email from Rebecca Gell Workentine, Jack Gell's widow:

I thank you for your sensitivity, & for doing this to honor Sgt. Jack Gell (Jay, as I knew him!), on this, what would have been his 64th birthday.

This poem comes from the 'Golden Book of Poems".
It so describes those of us whom God leaves behind!

For A Birthday

This would have been your birthday, had you stayed.
You would have been--how old?
I cannot think.
I only know that still the golden link
Encircles us.  Insatiate years have laid
Relentless hands upon me;  have betrayed
The youth that rivaled yours.  Now, on the brink
Of every birthday, impotent, I shrink
Before the years I cannot well evade.

But birthdays of the dead may come and go
Without recording;  for these, Time stands  still.
This is the benison the living know.
And somewhere--somewhere just beyond the chill,
You wait, where all the flowers, unfading, blow--
Forever twenty--on a little hill.

                            Ruth Crary

See, more of the bittersweet. The beautiful memories make it worthwhile. Jack lives on in our hearts, through his family  & those precious memories.

(Please click here to see my entire "Sgt Gell" collection.)

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