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A Homecoming

[Update 3004.11.07, per email from Carol Gell Crowley: "This webpage is is authorized and acknowledged by Jack Gell's wife, Rebecca, and daughter, Carol ("]

[Those of you who have been given the user name and password to my "Project Gell" sub-blog may prefer the version of this post there. Please click here to read that version.]

My gratitude to Greyhawk for sending me to Big Gold Dog. Com to learn more about the life of SGT Jack Gell's daughter, who still hasn't forgotten the father she never got to know. I'll show you a little bit of Pancho's post here then send you to his site to read the rest of it. Carol Gell Crowley wrote the AJC guest column  "Kerry smeared a hero: my dad" which I excerpted to In Bill's World. I've reproduced that post  here. I've also previously posted part of a letter SGT Gell sent his wife a few days before his death. Click here to read that. Learn more about the battle for Landing Zone X-Ray here.

From those left behind....

The Ia Drang Veteran's Reunion is held every year on Veteran's Day in Washington D.C. The Veteran's not only includes the battle tested men of that conflict, but also the families of the survivors and those tragically lost all those years ago in 1965. The long years have not washed away the loving memories and the pain. One of the families I have had the privilege to meet is that of Sgt. Jack Gell, who was killed in action at LZ Xray. Sgt. Gell's daughter, Carol Gell Crowley, sent me this poignant and timely story yesterday................ ["Yesterday" was Sept 9, 2003 -- BF]

I flew my three youngest children to New Orleans in mid August to visit some family and friends in Slidell. Upon arriving to the airport, we were coming through the security area. I observed a rather large group with a FOX camera right outside that area. Looking at the "Welcome Home " signs, and matching red Marine T Shirts, and seeing the excitement bursting from each one of them, I quickly realized they were awaiting their own Marine's return from Iraq. I asked my children to stand beside me, and told them to watch what was happening. I told them a young man was coming home from war. I stood silently as I heard the happy chatter and anticipation. ... Emotions were soaring and the thrill of a homecoming was powerful.


... I am the proud daughter of a Vet who died for us all. His memory and honor is with me always.

I am continually disappointed to see so called "Americans" who do not respect or appreciate these sacrifices and try to rob us of freedoms and rights that our very Country was founded on. Shame on them....

Click here to read it all.

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Posted by Bill Faith on October 23, 2004 at 10:00 AM in Sgt_Gell | Permalink


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