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... while good men died

Click the pictures or click here to see the video I grabbed them from. (Blood pressure alert)

After you watch the video, read Laura Armstrong's letter to ABC. Here's a piece of it:

I am one of those children, and had to endure teachers who censured me, people who told me (as a small child) "YOUR DADDY DESERVED TO DIE IN VIETNAM -- HE WAS A BABYKILLER". We watched our moms, young widows who were afraid to say what happened to their husbands because they never knew whether they might get sympathy or hate. All because John Kerry testified before the world that our fathers committed atrocities at every level of command. His lies based on hear-say hurt ALL of us, for years and years[.]

You lied, Johnny boy. You lied, while good men died. We haven't forgotten Johnny. We won't forget, we won't let you forget, and we won't let anyone else forget. Veterans' Day is coming, Johnny. This year it's November 2nd.

I'm old, Johnny. I'm sick, and I'm tired. But I have unfinished business, Johnny boy. I will dance at your funeral Johnny, and I will piss on your grave. Take that to the bank.

Bill Faith
14th and 8th APSQs
Viet Nam, 1971-1972

Posted by Bill Faith on October 19, 2004 at 12:01 AM in Jean Fraud Kerry | Permalink


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Bill, You know, it wasn't until the SwiftVets that I realized what Vietanm was about and why it mattered to me. All the way through school I heard teachers say things (after skipping Korea all together) about Vietnam being a mistake and how many civilians died during it, not American soldiers, just Vietnamese civilians. Now that I am older and have met Vietnam vets that were ashamed and disgraced by the actions of someone who was supposed to be their brother, I am sickened by my own niavete and my teachers' inability to not teach the whole story. How dare the people who were supposed to teach me history in school malign our American heros like this! It is because of this that I have changed my major from law to History Education. I don't want another generation of kids to be taught that their soldiers were babykillers. I don't want this to happen to my friends and peers who are serving in Iraq right now. Thank you Bill. For both your courage in serving this amazing nation and for the courage you have shown in speaking out. I love reading your take on things, and I enjoy hearing the humble words you have about your service. I now understand why Kerry boils your blood so much. Thank you again Bill. May God keep both you and yours. ~Alli

Posted by: Alli | Oct 19, 2004 1:00:21 PM

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