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Simon and Schuster To Publish MilBlogs Anthology

From Blackfive:

Imagine if the men and women fighting World War II could have somehow told their stories daily for all to hear…imagine if Audie Murphy or George Patton could have broadcast their experiences of a battle the day after it occurred – while the experience was still fresh in their minds and without time taking the edges off of their memories.

That’s what military bloggers are doing today – offering unfettered access to the War on Terror in their own words – each one speaking to anyone, everyone who has access to the Web. For the first time, the public does not have to wait months or years to hear what happened from the individual soldier’s point of view.  They don’t have to settle for the government’s approved messages. These bloggers are soldiers who return to their bases and type their daily experiences onto the Internet for anyone to read. Never before has this happened, has the information come so fast, so real and so unfiltered. This is the power of a blog.


Simon & Schuster has agreed to publish a collection from military bloggers sometime in late 2006.  I submitted the proposal and will be the editor and one of the many authors.

We will bring together the best of the military blogs, the purest distillation of the myriad voices of this war.

[Read the whole thing. Hat tips: Mudville Gazette, Michelle Malkin.

Just a small sampling of the quality of the writing you'll find in the anthology (read these now to whet your appetite):

This one's going to be a keeper, folks, something to read and reread and pass down to your kids and grandkids. For those of them who aren't regular MilBlogs readers, it may be the only accurate information they ever have about what really went on in the Mideast. As Dadmanly (blogging from Iraq) puts it:

This is some of the best writing and best reporting available today. Some of the voices training in this struggle today will become leading voices tomorrow: in publishing, literature, journalism, politics certainly, every area of our society.

Posted by Bill Faith on October 4, 2005 at 08:32 PM | Permalink


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Bill, Thanks for the link, and the plug for the book. Linked back.

Posted by: dadmanly | Oct 5, 2005 7:04:37 AM

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