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Iraqi Army Officially Receives Responsibility For Security In Baghdad

Via email from Haider Ajina, who grew up in Iraq and now calls America home:


The following is my translation of a headline and article in the October 4th edition of two Iraqi Arab newspapers “Al-Mada & Sotaliraq” & in the Pan Arab newspaper “Asharq Alawsat”. While the translation is from the “Sotaliraq” paper the other two had the identical information with some more details.

"Iraqi Army officially receives responsibility for security in Baghdad"

"Iraq’s army sixth brigade received yesterday the responsibility for security of Baghdad from the multi national forces. This took place in an official ceremony in Baghdad Almuthena airport. General Daham Radhi Alaasal who represented the defense minister and a number of high-ranking officers from both militaries attended the ceremonies. Brigadier General Mahmood Mohamed Alshimery, commander of the sixth brigade, (which is responsible for the protection of Baghdad) said that his forces have received responsibility for security in the Kerch & Rasafeh boroughs of central Baghdad and will receive the suburbs in the near future. Alshimery added that the brigade has prepared a cohesive plan for the security of Baghdad. This is done by permanent check points, daily and continuous foot & mechanized patrols. This hand over facilitates the gradual withdrawal of the multinational forces from Baghdad".

My comments:

Here we have it. The security of most of Baghdad is being handed over to the Iraqi forces (whom we trained I might add). This is a very big step forward for the Iraqis and us. This is progress of monumental proportions since only 30 moths ago Saddam was still terrorizing the Iraqis, their neighbors and the region. Now let us see if we read, or hear anything about this in our media, and if we do will they call it a symbolic gesture? Or what it actually is, progress.

Haider Ajina
McKinleyville CA

Of course there's no point in me blogging about this since it's sure to be on the front page of tomorrow's New York Times and Washington Post , but here it is just in case they get distracted or something.

I'm linking to Mudville's latest Open Post and James Joyner's latest Beltway Traffic Jam to try to get it some increased exposure.

Posted by Bill Faith on October 3, 2005 at 11:25 PM | Permalink


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