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Any day now ... -- Part 3 (Today's the day)

(Continued from Any day now ... -- Part 2)

I guess it's party time for the anti-US anti-Bush "anti-war" crowd.

Grim Milestone for U.S. Military in Iraq
Oct 25 4:02 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

A U.S. Army sergeant died of wounds suffered in Iraq, the Pentagon announced Tuesday. The death _ along with two others announced Tuesday _ brought to 2,000 the number of U.S. military members who have died since the start of the Iraq conflict in 2003.


As Trevor Bothwell notes:

On a historic day that has seen the ratification of Iraq's constitution, the AP has decided that it would rather lead its story with an announcement that, sadly, the U.S. military's death toll has reached 2,000. One might be forgiven for assuming that the AP's decision is intended to coincide with the Left's plans to use the unfortunate death of Staff Sgt. George T. Alexander Jr. as yet another reason to protest the war.

Aggressive Voice puts things in perspective: 

For the Price of 2,000 American Soldiers [y]ou can buy a trial for Saddam Hussein, two gravestones for his murderous sons, and a new constitution for the Iraqi people whose region is in desperate need of stabilization.

Not to mention that for every American who's died in Iraq there are dozens, or more likely hundreds or thousands, of Iraqis alive today that wouldn't be if we hadn't toppled Saddam. Of course you won't hear about that from the MSM.

Most days when I get up I do a quick scan of a few news sites, then move on to the blogosphere. The timing today was such that I learned we'd hit the 2000 mark from this LGF post, which links to Mind in the Qatar's excellent The Big 2K: The Coming Media Myth post.

Also covering the story: Michelle Malkin, who links to some wise remarks from Lt. Col. Steve Boylan, director of the combined force's press center.

Lest anyone be left in doubt, yes I do mourn Staff Sgt. Alexander's death, just as I mourn every one of our military deaths; just as I mourned the deaths of the friends I lost in Viet Nam.  On the other hand, I realize in a way few outside the veteran community do that freedom isn't free, just priceless, and I'd rather see 2,000 more military deaths in Iraq than another 9/11, or worse, on American soil.

Preemptive strike on lefty commenters: Yes I realize their won't be any public celebrations. I also know, as you do if you'd admit it, that Atrios, Cindy $heehan, Michael Moore, and a lot more of their sorry ilk are smiling privately about what they'll view as nothing more than an opportunity to try to make political hay of someone else's tragedy. So, what's the next big "milestone" the left's making plans for? It's not inconceivable that our deaths in the Mideast could eventually surpass our deaths on 9/11. Better start getting ready now, hadn't you gang?


The trackback system at Mudville seems to really be fixed so I'm linking to their latest Open Post.


More from LGF here and here


From Faces from the Front:

Taking a Number

The Pentagon announced that Staff Sgt. George T. Alexander Jr., 34, of Killeen, Texas, died Saturday in San Antonio of injuries sustained Oct. 17.


Unfortunately, the media and the anti-war factions will never see Staff Sgt. Alexander as more than number 2000--a number used to wage a political battle.

Number 1,999 was Sgt. Jacob D. Dones, 21, of Dimmitt, Texas, died in Hit, Iraq, on Oct. 20, ...

Number 1,998 was Lance Cpl. Kenneth J. Butler, 19, of Rowan, N.C., who died Oct. 21 ...

Number 1,997 was Cpl. Seamus M. Davey, 25, of Lewis, N.Y., who died Oct. 21 ...

Unlike the pundits who will bray this evening on the cable channels and the activists who will hold vigils in Washington, D.C., I have been to the country where these men died.


But for those who are willing to take action, there would be no wall at all hold back evil and those men and women on the wall deserve more than a number.

[Read the whole thing here. HT: Instapundit]

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