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Iraqis Arrest two former high-ranking Mukhabarat officials


The following is a translation of a headline and article in the February 16th edition of the Iraqi Arabic newspaper “Altahaddi”

“Iraqis Arrest two former high-ranking individuals from Saddam’s secret police”

“The Iraqi Government announced the arrest of two former high-ranking individuals from Saddam’s secret police (Mukhabarat). The Iraqi security forces arrested Sabah Noory and Riadh Noory in Baghdad and charged them with terrorist attacks in and around Baghdad and further charged them with supplying and training terrorists in Felujah as well as providing them with weapons”.

My comments,
When Saddam’s secret police caught some one, they did not arrest them nor did they charge them. They killed them on the spot, or took them to be tortured or brought the victim’s family to be tortured in front of them or just killed all but one as an example. Now these same former criminals and current terrorist are given the full benefit of the law. Arrested, charged and interrogated under Red Cross supervision. What other Arabic country can boast such procedure. This is thanks to our involvement in Iraq our training of Iraqi security forces and training an Iraqi judicial system, to respects the law. This is the foundation of living in freedom as apposed to living in fear.

Haider Ajina
McKinleyville CA

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