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A Chronological Summary
Of My "Brianna"/HEROES Act Posts
(Updated 2005.01.31.31:46)

I just looked back through my Brianna/HEROES Act posts and realized how confusing they could be to someone who hasn't been following my blog all along and reading them in the order they were written. The best way I can think of to remedy that is to create one post to serve as a table of contents for the others. I'm going to do that here and then update and redate this post as time goes on and I add other posts on the subject.

First, why do I refer to posts relating to the HEROES Act as "Brianna" posts? The best way to answer that is to say "Go read my first post on the subject, 'Caring for Those Left Behind'." In that post I made Brianna White, whose father died in Iraq, a promise not to forget about her and all of the other children in her situation, and to do what I could to get some changes made in the way our country treats them. Right after I wrote that post I started my 'I haven't forgotten, Brianna' post, which I've kept at the top of my blog ever since and updated as time went on.

My next three posts in the Brianna category were 'A Father's Farewell', about Captain Sean Patrick Sims, who left behind a young son when he was killed in Fallujah, 'Dying for Fallujah', which mentioned Cpl. Shane Kielion and the fact that his wife gave birth the day he was killed, and 'A Warrior's Last Request -- Additional Information', which mentioned the 10-week old daughter left behind when Specialist David Mahlenbrock was killed.

On Christmas, I posted 'Christmas Is For Kids, Right?' to remind my readers to spend a few moments thinking about what sort of Christmas Brianna White, Kadence Mahlenbrock, and hundreds of other children in similar circumstances were having, and about the fact that the nation their fathers died for needed to do a much better job of showing its gratitude.

On January 13 I noticed a link on titled "Pols Push to Boost Soldiers' Death Benefits." After reading their article here I decided I wanted to know more and tracked down news releases on Senators Joe Lieberman's and Jeff Sessions' official web sites, which I copied to my posts here and here. There are things I'd change about the bill they're cosponsoring  but it's definitely a huge step in the right direction and I intend to do everything I can to help get it passed.

On January 14 I Googled for news coverage of the HEROES Act announcements and found almost no indication of any MSM interest. At that point I posted 'At least FOX noticed, Brianna,' which excerpted and linked to the FOX item and to a short AP article about Senator Sessions' announcement.  I followed that with my 'Good News On The Brianna Front' post, which directed attention to the previous three posts and suggested a number of things my readers could do to increase the chances the HEROES Act will become law.

On January 15 I posted 'Contacting Your Legislators,' which contains information on identifying and contacting your elected representatives in the House and Senate, and a copy of Congressman Terry Everett's official press release saying that he'll be sponsoring the HEROES Act in the House of Representatives.

On January 16 I posted 'More HEROES Act News Coverage,' which links to a little more coverage, but still not enough, in the traditional news media.

On January 17 I posted 'Senators seek rise in death payments,' based on  a Washington Times article.

On January 18 I posted 'STARS AND STRIPES: Benefits could increase for survivors of troops killed in Iraq, Afghanistan', and 'A summary of the 2005 Sessions/Lieberman/Everett HEROES Act.' The latter is the best place I know of to find out everything you should want to know about the HEROES Act. I also updated 'Contacting Your Legislators.'

On January 21 I posted 'Some Lib support for the HEROES Act' and 'Some sample HEROES Act letters'

On January 22 I posted 'So You Say You Support The Troops? 2d Ed,' an excellent essay by Russ Vaughn.

On January 25 I posted 'Senator Dole announces her support for the HEROES Act' and 'HEROES Act Introduced in Senate'

On January 26 I posted 'Good News and Bad News on the Brianna/HEROES Front'

On January 28 I posted 'A great HEROES Act letter you should see' and 'HEROES Act -- Updates coming'

On January 29 I posted 'Other Survivor Benefit Bills' [I'll have more before the day's over]

On January 31 I posted 'Senate Armed Services Committee to discuss survivor benefits' (On Feb 1) and 'Great HEROES Act News !!!' (President Bush wants the HEROES Act passed.)

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Bill, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving the comment. It's I though that owe you thanks for your work on this necessary and overdue legislation. Thank You!

Posted by: Kathianne | January 18, 2005 09:20 PM

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