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Can you spare a few minutes for those who defend you?

Update: Moving this to the top of the stack in case you missed it. Originally posted 2004.12.05.03:02

I remember all too well a time when the Base Post Office was the very center of my restricted little world. Only someone who's been there can begin to understand how important it is to know that someone back home cared enough to write. We can't all write individual letters to every one of our Warriors overseas, but there is something we can do. As far as I'm concerned, there's no acceptable excuse for not doing it. From SlagleRock (SSgt Slagle, USAF):

Letters To The Troops For The Holidays
(Help From All Bloggers Part 2)

Many of you may remember my Letters To The Troops campaign.

I had the opportunity to ensure that the letters I received were personally hand carried to the troops in Iraq.

In the end more than 30 bloggers participated and more than 320 letters were received.

I know we can do better.

A close personal friend of mine is on his way to Iraq. He is replacing another person who was injured in a mortar attack recently.

This friend and I go way back.  ...

Now he is being called up to once again head off to the conflict in Iraq. He is tentatively scheduled to depart on 24 December. That's right he will leave for the litter box the night before Christmas. His departure on Christmas eve will be only 4.5 weeks after the birth of his fourth child.


He is willing to hand carry any letters that I can generate and print to Tallil, Iraq and he will make every effort to forward them on from there.


Go read the rest of it.

What Rob's asking for is such a small thing, yet so important. A simple note to say you remember and you care. It doesn't have to be long and eloquent. If you can't think of anything else just write "Be safe. Thank you for your service" and put your name under it. GET BUSY.  NOW, PEOPLE!

Update: Rob sent the following email pointing out that this isn't just for our Warriors in Iraq:


If you want to add this info please feel free I also have friends in Kuwait and Afghanistan.  We can get all of the links and letters from my comments to these people via email!!!!!!  I have email contact with about a dozen people in various locations in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan.  I will instruct them to forward them around their units as well!!!


Posted by Bill Faith on December 14, 2004 at 01:38 PM | Permalink


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