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News Flash: Commies directed Kerry

I've been up all night and I'm to tired to pick out the best part to excerpt right now. JUST GO READ IT. NOW!

Update: There's a contest of sorts going on in Wizbang's comment section to name this latest scandal. Best suggestion to date: "Puppetgate"

I took time to read the rest of the Wizbang post. Not only did the God-damned worthless son of  a bitch lie, lie, and keep on lying, the North Vietnamese were telling him what to say. Is there really anyone left in this country so incredibly stupid they could still vote for this jackass?

I'm running on pure caffeine right now.  Read the latest at Wizbang!, The Jawa Report, and Blogs of War, then go to the main sites for updates. I'll be back later.

Posted by Bill Faith on October 26, 2004 at 08:59 AM in Jean Fraud Kerry | Permalink


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